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"We have not had service this good in a long time. Thank you."
--G. Moody

Gilligan's Goodies!

Gift Cards, T-Shirts, Hushpuppy Mix & More...

NEW Save our Shrimpers T-shirt!

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Gilligan's Gift Card

Buy a gift card that can be used at any of our locations!
We will mail out as a gift with a special message if you wish!!

(Card will be sent by regular US Mail)


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Capt. Bookatee's Famous Hushpuppy Mix

Our famous hushpuppy mix, measured and packaged by hand, is available in a box for you to take home or give as a gift. The decorative box contains the dry sealed ingredients and the directions on how to make them. These ingredients are the same ones Captain Bookatee uses to make our hushpuppies in the restaurant. All you will need to add to the mix is a few items and presto-Captain Bookatee's famous hushpuppies! The recipe makes approximately 40 hushpuppies.



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Please note: Tax: A 8.5% sales tax will be added to SC resident's orders on all items other than gift cards.


Gilligan's Palm T-Shirt

Our famous t-shirt with the Gilligan's logo on the front and back.  A must for all Gilligan's fans!  Available in kiddie sizes, too! (Call for 2XL color availability.)


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Gilligan's Hat



Wear one of our hats everywhere you go!! Great for sunny days on the boat or beach. Adjustable strap and lots of colors to choose from.


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Gilligan's Visor

Another great piece of Gilligan's gear! A comfortable, durable visor with the Gilligan's logo on the front and adjustable strap in the back.

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Children's Shrimp T-Shirt

A fun t-shirt for children of all ages. The shrimp figure wants to know "Who you callin' a shrimp" on his dock in the background! Childrens sizes S, M, L available in gray or white.

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Gilligan's Koozie

Keep your cans cold! These thin, light weight koozies are perfect for all of your drinks - cans and bottles. Keep your drink in style in a variety of colors!

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Gilligan's Frisbee

Outdoor fun for all ages! Use at the beach or in the yard. If you've eaten at one of our restaurants then you've probably seen our kids meals served in one. Take yours home today.

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Gilligan's Oyster Gloves

Shuck your oysters at any oyster roast with these special Gilligan's oyster gloves. Keep your hands harm free with our washable gloves. Great for the Gilligan's gardener too!

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